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Relax and Focus Thanks to the Benefits of Plants in the House

One of the benefits of plants that we know is its role in fighting air pollution. The benefits of plants not only create fresh and clean air, but also can make you feel more comfortable and healthy. There have been many studies on the benefits of plants that mention the positive effects of putting plants in the room. One of them is to reduce your risk of disease. Below are some of the benefits of plants that you can get. Benefits of Plants in the House We tend to believe that the quality of the air inside the house is free from pollutants. When in fact, homes, offices, and rooms inside buildings can contain more pollutants than outdoors. One way to reduce air pollution in one's own home is to put plants in the room. In addition to improving air quality, plants will provide a sense of comfort and beautify the room. Check out the explanation below about the various benefits of plants in the house. Benefits of plants in warding off air pollution In addition to beautifying the
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Benefits of Drinking Milk before Sleep

Some people believe in the benefits of drinking milk before going to sleep to trigger drowsiness, so they continue to apply it to adulthood, even to their children too. Although actually it still needs a review of whether drinking milk does play a role in causing drowsiness. The benefits of drinking milk before going to bed may be great for those of you who often have difficulty falling asleep at night. Insomnia can be caused by many things, including stomach problems. Stomach hungry or too full can make people unable to sleep immediately. Therefore, milk is considered as the right drink to make the stomach feel comfortable while making it easier for someone to sleep. Some studies have also found that consuming milk 30 minutes or 1 hour before going to sleep can have the effect of sleeping more soundly and sleeping more easily. This effect is thought to arise because milk contains a substance that can trigger drowsiness, namely melatonin. But this data still needs to be confirmed t

Understand This First Before Undergoing a Curette

Curette is best known as a process that a woman needs to go through when having a miscarriage. However, there are actually other curette functions. Knowing the curette process is expected to help patients and their companions prepare themselves and live it more calmly. Curette is actually the name of a surgical tool to remove tissue from the uterus. The procedure is called curettage. This procedure is performed by an obstetrician, and generally takes about 10-15 minutes. Before the curette is performed, the patient is anesthetized first. Curette Function Curette is not only done to clean the uterus after a miscarriage, but can also be done to diagnose certain conditions in the uterus, such as when there is suspicious vaginal bleeding. Curette for Examination To help with the diagnosis, curettes are generally done if the patient experiences the conditions as below. Having bleeding after menopause. Having bleeding outside the menstrual cycle, or with excessive amounts As a st

Don't Ignore Sleep Disorders, This Is Its Bad Effects

Generally, adults need time to sleep for 7-8 hours each night to keep the body fit. However, those who experience sleep disorders can sleep up to more than 8 hours or even less than 7 hours. Various adverse health effects can lurk people with sleep disorders. Sleep disorders can occur in various forms, such as difficulty falling asleep or maintaining sleep conditions (insomnia), falling asleep without knowing the time and place (narcolepsy), and sleep apnea. Sleep disorders can be caused by many things, such as psychological conditions due to stress, depression, anxiety disorders, or physical conditions in the form of respiratory disorders, such as asthma, allergies, or colds. It could also be due to the influence of alcoholic drinks and environmental conditions when going to bed. The aging process, lifestyle, and daily sleep patterns can also affect. Lack of quality sleep, will cause you to wake up with a tired body condition and often sleepy during the day. Recognizing the Bad Ef

Dangers of Gonorrhea in Pregnancy and Newborns

Sexually transmitted gonorrhea can affect pregnancy and newborns. But not to worry, because gonorrhea can be treated. Gonorrhea is an infectious disease that is most often transmitted through vaginal, anal, or oral sexual contact with an infected person. This condition is caused by a bacterial infection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae. N. gonorrhoeae bacteria can live and develop in the warm and moist reproductive tract, such as the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes (oviducts) in women. These bacteria can also develop in the urethra (the channel that carries urine from the bladder out of the body) in women and men, mouth, throat, and anus. Dangers of Gonorrhea in Pregnancy A pregnant mother may not know if she has been infected with gonorrhea. This is because the symptoms of gonorrhea in most pregnant women are not specific. Even if there are, the symptoms can be similar to complaints that can occur in a normal pregnancy, such as vaginal discharge, bleeding, or blood spots appearing

Hernia Surgery There Are Two, Open Surgery and Laparoscopy

Hernia surgery is performed as a treatment measure to treat the hernia. Especially if the herniated lump continues to enlarge and feel pain. There are two common hernia surgery techniques, which are open surgery and laparoscopy. Sometimes, hernia surgery may be the only way to cure hernias. Surgery is generally recommended when a hernia or a severe throbbing suffered does not improve, get worse, and risk causing dangerous complications. Get to know Hernia Hernia occurs when an organ or fat tissue pushes around a weak muscle or tissue wall. The most common type of hernia that occurs in Indonesia is an inguinal hernia, which is a hernia that occurs when a part of an organ in the abdominal cavity pushes the membrane lining the abdominal cavity or a weak abdominal wall muscle. As a result, formed lumps or swelling in the groin, can even cause a portion of the scrotum (testicular pouch) to enlarge. Inguinal hernias can cause incarceration and strangulation. Incarcerated hernias occu

Behind its Nutrition, There Are Abundant Benefits of Nuts

Some studies reveal, regular eating nuts can increase life expectancy. This is allegedly due to the benefits of nuts in reducing the risk of death from certain diseases. Almost all types of beans have the same health benefits. Nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids, and various nutrients in them can support body health. Various Content and Benefits of Beans In addition to unsaturated fatty acids, nuts contain many nutrients that are good for the body. These nutrients include: L-arginine Arginine is an amino acid needed to produce nitric oxide. The function of nitric oxide is to dilate blood vessels. In other words, arginine can help the arterial walls more elastic and reduce the risk of clots forming in the arteries. Plant sterol Sterols can help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Other products, such as margarine, are often added to plant sterols to make it healthier, but nuts already contain plant sterols naturally. Fiber One of the health benefits of fiber